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Hit Like A Girl focuses on empowering and promoting women in golf, providing opportunities for women to showcase their talents, skills, and achievements. We offer golf instruction, golf leagues, and golf socials to bridge the gap of missed opportunities on the green.

Our organization was created in 2022 to provide a space for women to learn the sport of golf and become more involved in the golfing community. To date, we have had 5 cohorts, with roughly 60 women enrolled in the program. We aim to increase program offerings, participants, and the states of operation during the 2024 golf season.

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Golf Social
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8-Week Golf Clinic
This is a no judgement zone, women only, 8-Week Golf Clinic. Members will start by learning the basics of golf and progressively growing their skill level from novice to graduate to the greens of a golf course.

Our 8-week golf clinics are educational, fun, and a great way to get a little exercise while making new golfing friends. Members will develop and/or improve their golf skills in a non-threatening, supportive and comfortable learning environment.

1-Day Golf Clinic
Our one-day clinics incorporate the expertise of our golf coaches in a state-of-the-art facility helping members to develop or take their game to new levels. Members will improve through areas such as proper technique, on-course strategy, and mental toughness. 

Members will interact and learn through game evaluations, technical swing assessments, course management, on-course coaching, and more. The program has access to industry-leading technology and on the spot feedback on proper clubs during equipment analysis and assessment.



Game Day Social
Our game day socials are educational, fun, and a great way to get a little exercise. Participants will make new golfing friends while improve their skills in a non-threatening, supportive and comfortable learning environment.


Game Day Socials are open to all. This provides an opportunity for members to connect with guest and experts as we expand our knowledge on an array of topics such as:

  • Wine Sommelier

  • Networking with a purpose

Women’s Golf League
We are curating opportunities to engage our members by hosting organized play for women of all abilities. Our golf league is not just about playing golf. We are creating a community of like-minded women who share a passion for the sport. We welcome all members and guests to meet and/or connect on the green and over lunch.



Hit Like A Girl Golf Social at Top Golf 

Feb 20, 2024 5:30 PM 

Join us as we meet to connect, have fun, and brush up on our skills before the 2024 golf season officially starts. 

Pens4Purpose: Hit Like A Girl Special Ticket Offer

Mar 26, 2024 7:00 PM 

Second half hockey action is heating up at PPG Paints Arena, and we want you to join us! As a supporter of Hit Like A Girl, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Juanita Lomax invite you to a marquee Metro matchup with the Carolina Hurricanes on March 26.


Enjoy special pricing! Plus, $12 from each ticket purchased through this offer will be donated back to Hit Like A Girl!


If we have 70 participants, we will be invited to the ice for a group photo of all Hit Like A Girl supporters! So come join us. We'll see you soon! Click here to get your ticket! 

Golf Retreat at Clearview Golf Club

Date: May 17th - May 19th

We look forward to hosting you at Hit Like A Girl’s Inaugural Golf Retreat!!

Over the weekend, diverse female professionals will unite in sisterhood which will be sure to create an intimate and remarkable experience filled with connects, community, and empowerment. And, of course, tee off!!

We will stay at the beautiful 1885 Farms located near Canton, Ohio and play golf at the historical Clearview Golf Club.

Registration is now open. Be sure to reserve your spot today!!


About Clearview Golf Club...

When William "Bill" Powell encountered racial discrimination on the golf course after returning home from World War II, he decided to build his own place to play, one where people of all colors would be welcome. In 1946, he established Clearview Golf Club in East Canton Ohio: “America’s Course.”

With the help of his wife, Marcella, Powell carved nine holes out of farmland while working nights as a security guard. Without traditional golf maintenance equipment, Bill began building his course by hand. He walked the fairways with just a hand seeder around his neck to plant every blade of grass. 


He opened Clearview to the public in 1948, and in 1978 expanded the course to 18 holes. 

The only course designed, built, owned and operated by an African American, Clearview was named a National Historic Site by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2001.

Hit Like A Girl will be hosting a weekend of golf, connecting, and fun!!

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