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Our HERstory......

As working professionals, we often hear stories about what occurs on a golf course. This is the location where we are told people get together to build relationships over a fun game of golf. They discuss business and make on the spot deals. They open their network and offer assistance in removing barriers to your success!

As a woman I wanted to understand what really occurred on the green and see what if anything I was missing. I called a friend for a lesson, posted pictures to social media, and soon found an invite to attend an event to represent the organization that I worked for. This was it! This was my chance to learn of the secret society that we call golf. 

I attended my first outing and was amazed at the number of corporate executives present. What was most surprising to me was the actual conversations and the level (amount) of business deals that were being discussed and decided on outside of a corporate conference room. 

After surveying the room, I realized that of the 200+ attendees I was 1 of 6 diverse people and the only black woman in the room.  It was also very apparent to me that I did not know enough to speak on behave of those missing from the room and this represented a missed opportunity for those not in attendance. People were missing opportunities. Women and businesses were missing opportunities! But why?

It was then that Hit Like A Girl was created. I wanted to create a space for Black women/women to learn the sport of golf. I would build a bridge to close the gap of missed opportunities on the green.  To date we have had 5 cohorts or roughly 60 women enrolled in our program! We intend to increase program offerings, participates and the states that we are operating in during the 2024 golf season.

Who We Are......

Hit Like A Girl is an organization operating at Grandview Golf Course, 1000 Clubhouse Dr, Braddock, PA 15104. Our mission is to increase diversity in the sport of golf and increase business opportunities for Women, with a focus on Black Women, in a supportive and judgement-free space.

We empower and promote women in the sport of golf, with a focus on bridging the gap of missed opportunities on the green by providing golf instruction, golf socials, and other ways to be engaged in the golf scene. 

Our organization was created in 2022 to provide a space for Black women/women to learn the sport of golf and promote a more inclusive golf community. Since then, we have had 5 cohorts, with roughly 60 women enrolled in the program to date. Our goal is to increase program offerings, participants, and the states of operation during the 2024 golf season.

We are expanding the world of golf to women. We have a fun and engaging approach to golf, providing a platform for women to showcase their talents, skills, and achievements, while also offering various services to golf enthusiasts. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who are dedicated to promoting women and making golf more accessible to everyone.

What We Do......

  • Golf Clinics

  • Golf Meet Ups/Socials

  • Assistance with creating local leagues

  • Regional Events

  • Girls Golf Trips

  • Provide Online education that covers rules & etiquette

  • Connect you to instructors

  • Advocating with industry leaders to promote diversity

Meet Our Team.

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